Open Access

Open Access provides free access to scientific literature and other materials via the internet without a technical, legal or financial barrier. Documents published in Open Access are freely and quickly accessible worldwide. These documents can be read, downloaded, copied, printed and also redistributed at no additional cost.

Berlin Declaration

The "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" was published on the 22nd of October 2003. With subsequent annual conferences, a process was initiated that has raised awareness of the issue of accessibility of scientific information worldwide.

On the part of the Europa-Universität Flensburg, the Berlin Declaration was signed by Prof. Dr. Werner Reinhart on the 30th of June 2014 - see also Signatories of the Berlin Declaration.

The Europa-Universität Flensburg and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences agreed on common principles in their declaration on the Open Access Policy (german only) of the 18th of December 2017.

Publication fund of the state of Schleswig-Holstein for young researchers

The state government has set up a state-wide publication fund for young researchers to promote Open Access in Schleswig-Holstein until 2024.
The fund can be used to pay publication fees of up to €2,000 (incl. taxes) at the Europa-Universität Flensburg and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

  1. The authors submit their article to an open access journal. The decision for a specific journal is up to the authors. The Open Access Officer will be happy to help with the search if requested. If the article is accepted, the authors will be notified of the publication fees.
  2. The authors submit an application to the Open Access Officer. He/she checks the seriousness of the selected OA journal as well as compliance with the eligibility criteria of the publication fund and whether the necessary sum is available. He/she informs the authors that, if available, the requested funds have been reserved. The funds are reserved for up to six months from the date of confirmation by the Open Access Officer. During this time, authors must seek a review acceptance decision.
  3. If the article is accepted for review within the six months, the funds are firmly reserved for the authors until the article is published.
    Members of the Europa-Universität Flensburg: Send your digital application including article and all attachments to the Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer: as well as
            Open Access Officer:
    Members of the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences: Presidential Officer for Technology and Knowledge Transfer: as well as
            Open Access Officer:
  4. The committees decide whether the article should be supported by the fund.
    At the Europa-Universität Flensburg, this is the Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer. The Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer decides on applications that have usually been submitted up to fourteen days before the start of the meeting.
    At Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, the Presidential Officer for Technology and Knowledge Transfer.
    The Open Access Officer does not decide on funding.
  5. If the university committees approve and the article is accepted, the authors will be sent an invoice after publication of the article. The original of this invoice must be sent to the Open Access Officer. This invoice must contain the following information:
  • Invoice addressee (submitting / corresponding author at his/her official address).
  • Invoicing party (= publisher)
  • Subject of the invoice (=exact title of the article)
  • Publication organ
  • Date of invoicing
  • Invoice or order number
  • For invoices from abroad (including EU countries): Net invoice stating the VAT identification number of the university and the VAT number of the publisher.
  • If authors have made personal payments in advance, proof of payment must be submitted (e.g. credit card/booking receipt). In the case of invoices from abroad, a VAT of 19% must be paid by the respective university.

Open-Access-Infopoint Schleswig-Holstein

News about Open Access, events, current developments and regional initiatives and projects can be found at the Open Access Infopoint Schleswig-Holstein. The online portal also offers practical information on selected topics of Open Access publishing, it bundles and networks the competences in the state. Participation is welcome.

Further information and Open Access sources