Borrowing books and other resources

The ZHB and its services are available to everyone.

ZHB membership is free of charge.

You can use the online registration form to register as a library user. Your library card will be ready for pickup at the service desk after a short processing time of two working days. Please bring your identity card or passport and, if you are a student at one of the Flensburg universities, also your student ID.

Remember to always bring your library card whenever you want to use the ZHB services.

Please keep in mind that your library card expires at regular intervals. To have your library card renewed, present it at the service desk together with your identity card and/or student ID.

Log in to your user account to check the expiration date of your library card.

Please notify the service desk of any changes of your address, postal or email. You can e-mail us or talk to us in person.

The standard loan period is four weeks and can be renewed up to five times.

Exceptions apply to items from the reference collection in the reading room as well as to bound journals; these can only be borrowed as short-term loans. Short-term loans can only be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. They cannot be renewed. Please keep in mind that you will receive a daily reminder in case you do not return these items in due time. An extra fine is charged for these reminders.

Please use your user account to renew your loans independently.
Please note that the new due date is four weeks from the date of your renewal, i.e. the four weeks are not added to the previous due date.

The default login details are:

Number: your library card number

For library cards issued before February 20, 2017: The first three letters of your family name, with the first one capitalized.
For library cards issued after February 20, 2017: The default password consists of your date of birth with 6-digits.

Example: 01.02.1934 = 010234

If you have changed your password and forgotten it, please contact the service desk in person or via e-mail.

If you lose your library card, please call the ZHB immediately (Tel.: 0461/805-2910) and have your card blocked to prevent possible misuse of your card.

Please inform the service desk (ground floor) promptly of any change in your telephone number, postal or email address so that your contact details are kept up to date.

Special locations and collections

School books (yellow shelf-mark) can be found in the southern wing of the basement.
Standard loan periods and conditions apply.

Media from the course reserves can be found at their regular locations and are identifiable by a blue stripe below the shelf mark. Course reserves may not be borrowed. For an overview of the course reserves and further information please follow this link.

DIN an ISO standards as well as VDI guidelines can be found at the information desk on the 1st floor centre. They can only be viewed during the opening hours of the information desk and may not be copied.

Please note: Only selected standards are part of the holdings, of which only standards and guidelines from the year of acquisition 2006 onwards can be found in the catalogue.

You can view standards and directives free of charge at over 90 standards info points in Germany. A list can be found here (in German only).

Media from closed magazines are ordered via the ordering function of our catalogue. Your order will then be available at our service desk from 12:00 noon on the following working day.

Please note that the media are only available for pick-up within 2 working days.

Please make sure to read the information provided in the catalogue carefully: These items are often older items, some of which may not be borrowed.

You can borrow books from the reading room (green shelf-mark) as short-term loans.

For short-term loans the loan period is overnight or over the weekend.
Short-term loans cannot be renewed.

Please keep in mind that you will receive a daily reminder in case you do not return these items in due time. An extra fine is charged for these reminders.

The latest editions and a few bound journals are not for loan.
You can find the latest issues on the first floor centre.

Older volumes are in the closed journal stack.
Some journals are only available from the service desk and you will need your library card to access them.

Bound journals from the closed journal stack can be borrowed as short-term loans.
Short-term loans can only be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. They cannot be renewed.

Please keep in mind that you will receive a daily reminder in case you do not return these items in due time. An extra fine is charged for these reminders.

Special services

Students of the EUF and HSF have the opportunity to lend a bag locker in the library free of charge to lock up borrowed media and private work materials in the ZHB.

The lending period is four weeks and is renewable up to five times. If you are interested, please contact the service desk on the ground floor and bring your library card.

The ZHB assumes no liability for the items included.

If the rental period is exceeded, the ZHB reserves the right to open the locker.

Doctoral candidates and students with registered degree thesis of either of the Flensburg universities may borrow lockable book trolleys for use in the library. Borrowed books and the student’s personal working material may be kept in the trolleys.
Book trolleys can be borrowed for four weeks. As with borrowed books, you can renew the trolleys up to five times.
Please leave your book trolley in the reading room after having used it. Make sure that you keep escape routes clear at all times.
The conditions of use as indicated on the trolleys apply.

The trolleys cannot be found in the catalogue and there is only a limited number available.
If you want to borrow one of the trolleys, please contact the service desk.

In the library (ZHB), a parent-and-child room is available in the south basement in room no. 019 from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm.
A desk allows you to work while children can play and read. A small selection of books and toys is provided.
You can pick up the door chip for the parent-and-child room at the service desk in the entrance area of the ZHB.
Baby changing facilities can be found in the entrance area (foyer) in the barrier-free restroom.

Terms of use for the parent-and-child room (german only)

Want to take a break? Use the break clock for a time-out from studying of up to 90 minutes.

You will find the break clocks in stands on the long sides of the open access areas and in the reading room on the ground floor. Please return the break clocks there after use.

Take care of your personal belongings. Use a locker to keep them safe.

Would you like to keep your personal belongings safe during your stay at the ZHB?

Use the lockers in the cloakroom in the entrance area. The lockers are available in various sizes and, depending on the design, can be used with a coin (1 or 2 Euros) or with a PIN code (instructions are posted).

Furthermore, you will find bag and coat lockers in the south basement (by the group workstations) as well as on the 2nd floor middle and 2nd floor north. These lockers can only be used with a PIN code (instructions are posted).

The ZHB accepts no liability for the locked items.

Please use the lockers only during library opening hours. Should you wish to store borrowed media overnight, you can reserve a permanent locker.

Ergonomic working

Do you sit too much and would like to study and work while you are standing?

The mobile desks are located on the 1st floor north and south on the window side towards the campus swimming center, which enable you to work ergonomically. Depending on your height, the standing desks can be adjusted to the right height and comfortable working height for you in just a few simple steps. Try it, first come - first serve!

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