Inter-library loans

To order resources as inter-library loans you need an inter-library loan account,which you can request here and that has a positive balance. You can top up your inter-library loan account at the service desk. Remember to always bring your library card.
An administrative fee of 0.50 euros is charged per order, this includes up to 20 pages of photocopies.

Please note that this fee will be charged for each order, regardless of whether the medium can be delivered or not.

You can check the status of each order in your inter-library loan account.
Please note that it is also possible that the item you ordered is not available.

The loan periods are determined by the lending library.
Log in to your user account to find out what the loan period is.

Inter-library loans cannot be renewed.

You will be notified via e-mail when the items you have ordered have arrived.
Please check your user account to ensure that your e-mail address is up-to-date.
If your e-mail address is not correct or no longer in use, please contact the service desk via e-mail or in person. Unfortunately you cannot update your e-mail address yourself.

You can order media via the Common Library Network (GBV) from any device connected to the internet. If the item you are searching for is not available in the GBV, a link to the nationwide inter-library services (VFL) will be provided. This link only appears once you are logged in with your inter-library loan account. You can use the VFL to search and order your item in other library networks.
The delivery times will be shortest if you order items via the online catalogues of the Common Library Network (GVK)

Use GVK to find the resource you’re looking for. If your search results in several identical entries, select the hit with the highest number of libraries listed under "Institute(s)".

  • Click on "loan request" (for books and other media) or "copy request" (for essays).
  • Please enter your 10-digit library card number as the user ID. If the number ends in an "X", make sure to write it in upper case.
  • Enter your login details. If the number on your library card ends with an X, then this must be capitalized. Please note, if you have changed your password online in your user account, the password for your interlibrary loan account will not change!
  • Please check all the information you entered in the order form. To complete the order, re-enter your password at the bottom left of the form.

You may collect and return your inter-library loan items at the service desk.
Remember to always bring your library card.

Please ensure that you return everything, including all accompanying items.

Inter-library loans are usually available for collection at the service desk after 5 to 10 days.

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