Instructions for the interactive displays of the ZHB

With the interactive displays (ID) you can surf the Internet (Firefox with installed advertising filter), create sketches or drawings (Whiteboard App) or display your screen content on the ID and control your device from the ID using the "touch function" (connection cable HDMI & USB on the left of the ID or via screen transfer app also from mobile devices).

Note: The "touch function" is not designed for pressure, it works with infrared bars around the screen. So, you do not have to press hard, it would even be enough to "hover" over the screen surface with your finger.

If you have connected your laptop with the HDMI USB cable, on the left of the ID, the drivers should install automatically.

After connecting the laptop to the ID, one of the HDMI buttons should be filled white.

  • Tap the button once and you will get a preview of your laptop display and the button will turn blue.
  • Tap the button twice and your laptop display will be shown in full screen and you should now be able to control your laptop using the "touch function".
    Attention: If you want to enter text, the on-screen keyboard will not be activated automatically!

If you want to display the screen of your mobile device on the ID, an app is required for Android and iOS. Follow the instructions on the ID.

You can use your own files via USB at the front sockets next to the power button. To do this, you need File Explorer.

The volume buttons are also located behind the flap.

With the Whiteboard app, you can create new drawings or make sketches on existing image files.

Attention: do not enter your cloud data (Google, Apple,...) in the apps of the WB. Subsequent users could otherwise access your data in this way!

The ZHB accepts no liability due to misuse of data.

Under Apps you will find more apps that can be used on the ID.

The functions of the side toolbar are as follows:

  • Enter annotation mode and click again to pause the annotation and take a screenshot.
  • Access discussion mode. Go to the home page.
  • Go back to the previous menu item / exit from App.
  • Go to your preferred source. Connection cable on the left side of the unit.

Last but not least, switch off the ID after use and hook the cable back into the handle on the left.