In the STUDYbox of the ZHB there are separate group rooms for 3 to 8 people, which are exclusively reserved for students of the Flensburg universities.

In addition to digital whiteboards, which are available in four of the six rooms, WLAN is offered in all group rooms.

To use the STUDYbox, you need a door chip, which you can obtain from the service desk in the entrance area of the ZHB. If required, you can also borrow a pen for the touch screens of the whiteboards there. Furthermore, a registration form must be filled out, which is considered a "rental agreement" for the time of use, which is limited to four hours.  The rooms cannot be reserved in advance.

You can reach the STUDYbox in the basement via the staircase south as well as with the lift in the south wing of the ZHB.

The STUDYbox is available to you during the entire opening hours of the library.