You can find your library card number on your library card

Configuration of the internet workstations

The internet workstations operate on Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 32bit.
Please be sure to save any data to your USB flash drive only.
Data that has been stored on an internet workstation will be deleted after every log out.

Log in

  • Press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" on the keyboard. (On a workstation with a German keyboard, please press "Strg+Alt+Entf".)
  • Enter your library card number as your user name.
  • Enter the password that you also use for your user account online.

Log in problems

If your login does not work, here is a list of typical errors:

  • Your user account has expired.
  • You have changed and/or forgotten your password.
  • You have owe the library more than 30 euros.
  • Your user account was blocked.
  • The keyboard does not work.

Should any of these apply, please contact the Information Desk.

Other possible reasons:

  • You have tried to log in to one of the research workstations? Unfortunately, that does not work.
    Please re-start the workstation and use an internet workstation in the reading room.
  • The CAPS lock was activated when you entered your log in data?
    Press the CAPS lock key and re-enter your login data.


You can print from these workstations.

Software and applications installed on the workstations

FreeMind (mind mapping programme)
Inkscape (vector graphics editor)
Microsoft Office 2013 Pro (office software including text, spreadsheet and presentation applications)
Mozilla Firefox(browser)
Appache OpenOffice/
Libre Office

(office software including text, spreadsheet and presentation applications) editor)
PDFCreator(software for creating PDF files via a virtual printer)
Scribus(desktop-publishing application; can process larger text files than Microsoft Word)