Using the ZHB

Current regulations

Use the Luca app or the tablet in the entrance area for visitor registration (paper forms can be provided on request), disinfect your hands and wear a medical mouth-and-nose protection!

  • please reduce your stay at the ZHB to the absolute necessary!
  • Users must take a blue ZHB book basket with them to enter the library.
  • If all baskets have been handed out, other people must wait until someone leaves the library and a disinfected basket is available again.
  • Entrance and exit  are marked separately. Paths through of the library are predefined and marked.
  • The user PC's and therefore the possibility to print is not available for the time being!
  • Lockers, information services, research facilities, Library tours and courses etc. cannot be offered.
  • The obligation to wear a medical mouth-nose protection does not apply to persons who cannot wear a mouth-nose covering due to a physical, mental or psychological impairment and who can credibly prove this by presenting a medical or psychotherapeutic certificate. At the same time, proof of complete vaccination, recovery or a negative corona test result (rapid test or PCR), which is not older than 48 hours, must be carried and presented when requested.

Workstations in the ZHB

As of 06/29/2021, additional individual workstations are available in the ZHB. These are located on the 1st and 2nd floor and are only approved for use by members of the Flensburg universities.

The following additional regulations apply to the workstations:

  • In order to protect yourself and others, you are still required to wear a medical mouth-nose protection (surgical mask or mask of the standards FFP 2, N95 or KN95) during the entire stay.
  • You will need a book basket from the ZHB to use a workstation. You should leave this on the workstation when you have finished your work.
  • Workstations with a book basket may no longer be used. All other workstations remain blocked.
  • The length of stay is not limited. There is no reservation option for the time being.