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Zentrale Hochschulbibliothek Flensburg - 1st floor, centre

Opening hours of the Information Desk

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The ZHB is closed on public holidays!

Shelving and special collections

Where is what and how do I access it?

Freely accessible media

The Campus Library’s freely accessible stock is shelved alphabetically based on shelf-mark groups in accordance with the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK).
This stock also includes some of the special locations.
Special locations are indicated in the catalogue and can be identified by an annotation above the shelf-mark.

Standard media (without special location or annotation)

Media without any further annotation or information on its location can be found on the 1st and 2nd floors (white shelf-mark). The majority of the Campus Library's stock consists of such media.

AA starts on the 2nd floor south and ZZ ends on the 1st floor north.

Use the maps provided in the library to help you find your way.

Please note that in some cases older stock may be found with shelf-marks that are not part of the RVK. These start with only one uppercase letter or an uppercase letter followed by one or two lowercase letters.
Such stock has been shelved ahead of the corresponding RVK shelf-mark groups.

For instance, "T" or "Te" designates the old classification category "engineering", whereas ZG to ZS stand for "engineering" in the RVK system.
Therefore, "T" and "Te" can be found in between the "ZE" and "ZG" shelf-marks.

Location: School books (Schul)

School books (yellow shelf-mark) can be found in the southern wing of the basement.
Standard loan periods and conditions apply.

Location: Course reserve/not lendable

Media from the course reserves can be found at their regular locations and are identifiable by a blue stripe below the shelf mark. Course reserves may not be borrowed. For an overview of the course reserves and further information please follow this link.

Location: Reading Room (L-S)/Short-term loan

You can borrow books from the reading room (green shelf-mark) as short-term loans.

For short-term loans the loan period is overnight or over the weekend.
Short-term loans cannot be renewed.

Please keep in mind that you will receive a daily reminder in case you do not return these items in due time. An extra fine is charged for these reminders.


The latest editions and a few bound journals are not for loan.
You can find the latest issues on the first floor centre.

Older volumes are shelved in the southern wing of the basement, accessible via the south side staircase.
Some journals are only available from the service desk and you will need your library card to access them.

Bound journals from the basement can be borrowed as short-term loans.
Short-term loans can only be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. They cannot be renewed.

Please keep in mind that you will receive a daily reminder in case you do not return these items in due time. An extra fine is charged for these reminders.

Media that is not freely accessible

Some items are not freely accessible. This is indicated in the location information provided above the shelf-mark.

Location: Closed Stack (Mag) and Closed Journal Stag (ZMAGG)

Media from closed magazines are ordered via the ordering function of our catalogue. Your order will then be available at our service desk from 12:00 noon on the following working day.

Please note that the media are only available for pick-up within 2 working days.

Please make sure to read the information provided in the catalogue carefully: These items are often older items, some of which may not be borrowed.

Standards and guidelines

Standards and guidelines can be found at the information desk on the 1st floor centre. They can only be viewed during the opening hours of the information desk and may not be copied.

Please note: Only selected standards are part of the holdings, of which only standards and guidelines from the year of acquisition 2006 onwards can be found in the catalogue.

You can view standards and directives free of charge at over 90 standards info points in Germany. A list can be found here (german only).