Schoolbooks, which can be found in the basement south, are basically interesting for teaching training students.

A special feature of schoolbooks is the diversity of their appearance. They can be found in the form of workbooks, handouts, copy templates, etc. and serve above all to support teachers in designing their lessons.

These teaching materials are adapted to the curriculum of the respective federal state.

Schoolbook of the year

The Georg Eckert Institute has been awarding the "Schoolbook of the Year" prize annually since 2012. Particularly innovative schoolbook concepts are honoured.

The winners since 2012 are easy for you to find through the appropriate shelf labels.

Further Links

  • Online catalogue of the ZHB. Our stock is listed here. The location search for the schoolbooks is preset, i.e. if you want to search within the schoolbooks, you have the possibility to limit your search.
  • Georg-Eckert-Institut (Leibniz Institute for International Schoolbook Research)
    • (Information platform on schoolbooks in education systems all over the world)
    • (Information portal for international educational media research)