Open Access (OA)

Open Access (OA) refers to the freely available and free of charge online access to scientific publications.

Information, explanations and texts on OA are available on the information platform

Numerous journals and other texts have been published in OA since 2001. Most of these journals are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Currently, DOAJ lists more than 10,000 open access journals, all articles can be searched for individually.

Additionally, free e-books are listed in the Directory of Open Access E-Books (DOAB).

Would you like to publish in OA? Schleswig-Holstein offers funding for OA publications. For more information please contact the Europa-Universität OA representative.

Publication fund of the higher education institutions in Flensburg - Information Sheet for Applicants and Procedures

The state government has set up a publication fund to promote Open Access publications at Schleswig-Holstein's higher education institutions.
From 2016 to 2020 inclusive, the fund will be endowed with a total of 100,000 € per year as start-up financing. The FUAS will receive €4,000, the EUF €10,000 annually (subject to updated allocations). Publication fees, including taxes, are covered by this fund.

  • The funding is primarily aimed at young scientists*. "Young academics" are defined here as persons whose Master's theses or dissertations were completed no more than 10 years ago.
  • They must be members of the respective higher education institution in Flensburg and, as submitting author or corresponding author, be responsible for paying the publication fees.
  • The article must appear in a pure Open Access journal whose contributions are accessible free of charge immediately after publication. The journal must meet recognised quality assurance standards (e.g. listing in the "Directory of Open Access Journals", or examination by Think-Check-Submit,
  • Hybrid publications are not eligible, i.e. the "free purchase" of individual articles from otherwise subscribable journals is not supported.
  • Funding will only be provided if other funds (e.g. DFG publication grants) cannot be used.
  • An application for cost absorption can only be made if the article has been submitted to a journal. Please complete the attached form and - if you are a member of the EUF - send it electronically to the following e-mail address of the Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer: Unless otherwise agreed, members of the FUAS should contact the Open Access Representative of the FUAS and the EUF: Open Access Representative, Zentrale Hochschulbibliothek Flensburg, Auf dem Campus 3, 24943 Flensburg. Tel. number and e-mail address can be found on the following website:
  • The sponsored publication must include a reference to the sponsorship, e.g: We acknowledge financial support by Land Schleswig-Holstein within the funding programme Open Access Publication Fund.
  • Individual funding is limited to a maximum of 2000 € (incl. taxes) per article.
  • The invoice must be submitted within one month.
  • Original dissertations will not be funded.

  1. The authors submit their article to an Open Access journal. The decision for a particular journal lies with the authors. If desired, the Open Access Officer can help with the search.
  2. If the article is accepted, the authors usually receive a message about the publication fees incurred.
    The authors send an enquiry to the Open Access officer. They check the reliability of the selected Open Access journal, compliance with the Publication Fund's eligibility criteria and whether the necessary sum is available. He/she informs the authors that, if available, the desired funds have been reserved. The funds are reserved for six months from the date of confirmation by the Open Access Commissioner. During this period, the authors must endeavour to reach a decision on acceptance for review.
  3. If the article is accepted for review within the six months, the funds will be firmly reserved for the authors until the article is published. If the authors belong to the EUF, they submit their application including article to the Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer. The application must be sent electronically to the above e-mail address: Unless otherwise agreed, members of the FUAS should contact the Open Access Officer of the FUAS and the EUF (see above).
  4. The article will then be submitted to a committee for review. At the EUF this is the Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer, at the FUAS the Research Committee. The committees decide whether the article should be funded by the fund or not. The Open Access Officer does not decide on funding.
  5. The Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer of the EUF decides on applications that are usually submitted up to fourteen days before the start of the meeting.
  6. If the university committees agree and the article is accepted, an invoice will be sent to the authors* after publication of the article. The original of this invoice must be sent to the Open Access Commissioner. The following information must be included on this invoice:
    • Invoice addressee (submitting / corresponding author at his/her office address)
    • Invoicing party (= publisher)
    • Invoice object (= exact title of the article)
    • organ of publication
    • Date of invoicing
    • Invoice or order number
    • For invoices from abroad (also from EU countries): Net invoice stating the UID (Unmsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer, VAT) of the university as well as the UID of the publisher.
    • If authors have entered into private payment in advance, proof of payment must be submitted (e.g. credit card/booking receipt). In the case of foreign invoices, VAT of 19% must still be paid by the respective university.

Open-Access-Infopoint Schleswig-Holstein

News about Open Access, events, current developments and regional initiatives and projects can be found at the Open-Access-Info-Point Schleswig-Holstein. The online portal also offers practical information on selected topics of Open Access publishing, it bundles and networks the competences in the state. Participation is welcome.

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