... for the Campus

11/09/2020 deGruyter E-Books

The entire program of the deGruyter publishing house has been activated for the campus until the end of November 2021. You can find the e-books in the ZHB's Discoverysystem.

Furthermore, the following collections are made permanently accessible:

  • Lexicon of Romance Linguistics
  • Manuals of Romance Linguistics
  • Romanistic workbooks
  • DeGruyter Mimesis : Romance Literatures of the World

… for Europa-Universität Flensburg

09/29/2021 Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education is now available. There you will find almost 1000 detailed articles with bibliographies, extensive indexing, multimedia content and cross-references to related articles. The encyclopedia is expanded and updated monthly. The database be accessed at  https://oxfordre.com/education

08/18/2021 Springer E-Book-Pakete

The following additional e-book packages are now available:

  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2017
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2016
  • Social science 2020
  • Social science 2019

04/23/2021 Wiley Online Library

The Wiley Online Library is available to the EUF until 31.03.2022. The interdisciplinary literature platform focuses on health and natural sciences as well as social sciences and humanities and offers access to more than 20,000 e-books. You can find the titles at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com and soon in the Discoverysystem.

03/22/2021 Schöningh and Fink literature and culture e-books online

The e-book collection of more than 1,200 titles in the fields of comparative literature, world literature, translation studies and postmodernism with publication years 2007 - 2021 is now available via the Discoverysystem.

01/28/2021 Scholars-elibrary

The entire holdings of the Scholars-elibrary are accessible until 31.12.2021. You can search the titles directly at the provider. Log in there via Shibboleth with your network access data.
Please note that not all links in the Discoverysystem or the classic library catalogue are currently up to date due to a platform change.

01/07/2021 Pearson Studium and Global Editions

Until 12/31/2021 you have access to the entire Pearson collection via the Discoverysystem. This includes the textbooks in German and English in the Pearson Studium collection as well as the Global Editions.

12/07/2020 Bloomsbury E-Books

The complete program of Bloomsbury Publishing (excluding the collection "Hart Beck Nomos") is now available until 31.12.2021. Bloomsbury Collections offers access to e-books from the humanities, social sciences and european law.

11/12/2020 Narr E-Books

For the next 12 months, you have access to numerous e-books from the Narr/Francke/Attempto publishing group with a focus on linguistics and literature, economics and politics.

In addition, titles from the fields of theology, technology, philosophy, theater studies, history, and media and communication are offered. A total of 1,600 titles are activated and can be researched via the Discoverysystem.

… for Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

03/22/2021 VDE Normenbibliothek

Within the VDE Standards Library (https://www.normenbibliothek.de), the valid VDE regulations have been made available online since 1 March, including drafts in full text. Extensive bibliographic information is available on withdrawn and historical VDE regulations.