Restrictions of our services between 01.03.2018 and 25.03.2018

!NO INTERLIBRARY LOAN possible due to a conversion of the union catalogue!

The Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ) and the Head Office of the Common Library Network (VZG) coordinate their activities on a transregional basis and functionally divide their fields of action.

The union catalogues of the two networks are currently being merged under the title K10plus to form a joint union catalogue with over 180 million holdings. Behind K10plus are the library data of the majority of German state universities and colleges. In addition, there are renowned research institutions such as Leibniz Institutes, Helmholtz Centres, Max Planck Institutes, etc.

This requires extensive work on the union catalogues, which is why the systems will be "frozen" in the next three weeks. In concrete terms, this means for you:

  • Media can still be borrowed and returned
  • Interlibrary loan orders can not be processed between 16.03.2018 and 25.03.2018
  • there may be a delay in the processing of new acquisitions