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The Campus Library will not process:

  • Requests in different form
  • Incomplete or inaccurate requests


Dipl.-Bibl. Dagmar Demski

+49 461 805 2926
+49 461 805 2928
ZHB - ZHB 21

Contact for journals

Kathrin Polz

+49 461 805 2934
+49 461 805 2900
ZHB - ZHB 22

Placing orders for items (EUF)

General procedure:

  • How to order: Please send orders for media only to the responsible library representative at your department or your institute. After consultation with the spokesperson of your department your orders will be forwarded to the library staff in charge of acquisitions. Please use the order form which you can find on this page. It will facilitate the ordering process and minimize further enquiries.
  • Budget of the departments for new library acquisitions: In accordance with a resolution passed by Senate 15% of the budget of each department are automatically assigned for new library acquisitions. In case a department does not make use of this minimum amount in a budgetary year, the remaining amount will be transferred to the library’s budget at the end of the fiscal period. It can then be used for interdisciplinary acquisitions in the following year. If the minimum amount turns out to be insufficient, departments may shift funds from other areas of their budget to library acquisitions. In this case, please inform the library’s acquisitions department. Any remaining balance of these shifted funds will be credited to your teaching resources budget in the subsequent year.

Collection management

The teaching staff of both Flensburg universities are responsible for maintaining the collections of the library. They are assisted in performing this task by the library staff.

The objective:

The aim is to keep the library’s collection up to date at all times. Furthermore, the resources are to be tailored to the needs of both teaching staff and students. Achieving this goal requires a continuous and thorough review of the collection by qualified staff, i.e. sorting out outdated editions or items that have become defective or unsuitable for use and replacing them with new ones.

How to achieve this:

In order to maintain a well-balanced collection, please take note of the following:

  • Familiarise yourself with your collection: Inform yourself of the collection the ZHB holds of your academic field by consulting the RVK and the catalogue.
  • Check the collection: How up to date is the literature that is available? What is the condition of particularly popular textbooks? Does the collection of the library reflect the current teaching contents? Is the literature you recommend available at the Campus Library?
  • Make use of the budget for new acquisitions:  Please make use of your department’s library budget to improve the selection for your students.
  • Get assistance: The team at the Campus Library will be glad to assist you in maintaining your collection. Please contact us. 

Types of media

There are three basic types of media: print (e.g. books, journals), audio-visual (e.g. CDs, DVDs) and electronic (e.g. CD-Rs, e-books, data bases). All of these types are acquired and made available by the Campus Library.

The type of media often determines an item’s location in the library (shelving location) and the conditions of loan.

Type of mediaLocationCondition of loan
Freely accessible media1st floor, 2nd floorregular loan period: 29 days
CD, DVD etc.

media cupboard

regular loan period: 29 days
E-Booksonlinedepending on the provider; see overview (in german only)
Data basesonlinenot for loan
Loose-leafreading roomnot for loan
Engineer standards

service desk

not for loan

Reference collection

reading roomshort-term loan
current year

1st floor centre

not for loan
older volumes
southern wing of the basement, accessible via the south side staircaseshort-term loan

Delivery times

Delivery times may vary considerably:

  • German language publications are usually delivered within a few days. 
  • Books from abroad usually take 10 days to three weeks.
  • E-books are often available immediately. In some cases it may take several days to activate the license.
  • some older or seldom requested titles are only printed when ordered (Print on demand or PoD). This can take several days

In very urgent cases please let us know in your order.

Deadline for orders

Both universities announce a last day on which bills etc. can be handed in to be paid within the current budgetary year. This day is applicable for the ZHB, too. As soon as the library receives this date (either from EUF or from FUAS), a deadline for placing orders will be announced.

Please note that any orders placed after this date cannot be taken into consideration for the current budgetary year.