Positions of the copieres

Please note that only these copy cards are used at the ZHB.


You can send print jobs from any research or internet workstation in the ZHB to any of the photocopiers/printers.

It is not possible to connect a USB flash drive to the photocopiers directly and print. To print from a USB stick, please use one of the research or internet workstations.

It is not possible to print from your own laptop that is connected via WiFi!

You can buy copy cards for 100 photocopies/print-outs each from the Service Desk.
Copy cards for more than 100 photocopies/print-outs are only available from the General Students Committee (AStA) at the Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The photocopiers/printers are located:

  • in the copying room on the second floor north,
  • in the copying room on the first floor north,
  • and in the basement in room ZHB017.