Positions of the copieres

Please note that only these copy cards are used at the ZHB.


There are three photocopiers/printers available in the ZHB altogether

These photocopiers/printers can be used for black and white copies in DIN A3 and A4 format.

In addition to enlarging and reducing the size of the original, you can also make copies on both sides of a page (duplex printing), punch and staple pages.

You can buy copy cards for 100 photocopies/print-outs each from the Service Desk.
Copy cards for more than 100 photocopies/print-outs are only available from the General Students Committee (AStA) at the Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The photocopiers/printers are located:

  • in the copying room on the second floor north,
  • in the copying room on the first floor north,
  • and in the basement in room ZHB017.


Photocopying in schools

Questions on the copyright of school books and what is allowed or not in this context keep coming up every now and again.
The brochure "Digitale Schulbücher, einscannen & kopieren in der Schule" (only available in German) gives answers.